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Your house is your biggest investment, yes. But a house is so much more than brick, stucco, and mortar. It is your haven, a place that you have spent time and love creating into a home.  So it completely makes sense that putting it on the market is going to be an emotional process. We are always honored to help homeowners market their houses, taking joy in highlighting the features that you have spent years loving and caring for. If you are interested in discussing your property's market value, give us a call today!



So you have decided to sell your home. Or maybe you are on the fence, trying to decide what to do. Our detailed listing presentation reviews thorough market data, providing you solid information regarding how to price your home. This meeting is meant to empower you, so that you have the knowledge needed to make the financial decision of how to move forward with selling your home.


Buyers are great, but Realtors need to know your property exists too! We create brief marketing videos highlighting the best features of your home, which we then post to social media and our private Realtor groups, so that we maximize exposure of your home.


We get it - maintaining a home to perfection is not necessarily a realistic expectation for homeowners. So when it is time to put your home on the market, you might realize there are some finishing touches that you want done. We are happy to assist in coordinating any touch-up repairs to get your home in show-ready condition, so that we can ensure it brings top dollar at the closing table!


Online presence is one of the first ways Buyers will see your home. In order to make a great first impression, we work with a fantastic real estate photographer who specializes in finding your home's best angles! 


While taking pictures, our photographer also completes a 360 degree virtual tour of your property. This allows Buyers to walk through your home from the comfort of their couch, letting them experience the home without ever setting foot in it!


Historically, Open Houses have been a necessary go-to for selling a home. With today's technology, it is no longer a needed step in the process, but we still find it to be a great way to get exposure for your listing!

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